"Not only writes a song that turns your head but has the guitar picking to back it up." 

- Dave Self, Kentucky Homefront Production Director, 91.9 WFPK FM 


"Joel is the kind of artist captivating enough to inspire an entire concert series. As local music connoisseurs, we had wanted to start our own house concert series for a while. When we heard Joel, we knew we finally had to bring the series to life. Upon hearing his witty lyrics and buttery vocals, we felt the need to share his lovely music as widely as possible.

"Reflections House Concert series is going strong, and we could not have asked for a better artist to lay the foundation. Our guests have already asked when he will make a return appearance!"

- Sharon and Todd Stewart, Reflections House Concert Series


"Joel Curtis is a shining example of the new era of singer-songwriters. His music is clear and courageous, with themes we all feel in our hearts. He plays with any easy, warm style, give him a listen."

- Phil Slates, Indy Folk Series


"Joel has a natural ability to connect with the audience by beautifully expressing through music, exactly what we're too afraid to say ourselves out loud."

- Charity Radcliffe, Host of WCHQ's Beyond the Music


“It was an honor to host Joel at my Little Blue House Concert Series. His music is a true depiction of artistic genius. He weaves a story with a melody that lures you in and holds you captive. His voice is soothing, lyrics resonating, and light-bearing. ” 

- Tonya Jo Rhoades, Little Blue House Concert Series


"From deep, mournful tales to child-like romps, Joel's story songs consistently strike a universal chord inviting us to find beauty in all of life. For weeks afterwards, I find myself humming his well-crafted melodies and joyfully unpacking forgotten parts of myself."

- Pamela Jay, singer/songwriter/author